Explore all of Yellowstone in a nearby cabin

Simply put, Yellowstone National Park is breathtaking. The world’s first national park is the home to the famous Old Faithful. It is no doubt that Yellowstone is a park that requires at least a week to fully explore lush forests, an active volcano, gushing rivers, the prized Yellowstone Lake, and many diverse species of wildlife, flora and fauna. While discovering Yellowstone, ditch the hard ground, assembling tents, and semi cold coolers and enjoy a nice comfortable stay at a cabin with a mountain view.mts

This cabin in nearby Livingston, Montana is a terrific base camp for your Yellowstone adventure. Choose Mountain View cabin for a comfortable and affordable stay. Look right out the window or deck for a million dollar view of Emigrant Peak and 8 mile creek. This area is known as Paradise Valley, a very popular area known for its vast beauty. Located 4 miles away, Chico Hot Springs offer hot springs pools and kid friendly grille with live entertainment.

The biggest attraction, Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful 34-mile drive from the cabin. The drive follows the Yellowstone River and places you at Roosevelt Arch, the northwest entrance into Yellowstone National Park. While traveling, you will likely see wildlife and the majestic peaks of the Absaroka/Beartooth mountain range the Gallatin Range.


Pack a cheese tray and a bottle of wine for the nightly show of a blanket of gleaming stars. Melody and Gene, home owners of the cabin, are terrific local area guides to Yellowstone and Paradise Valley and love to share the area’s unique attractions. Bring your fishing line for premier fishing (please be sure to check Yellowstone fishing requirements. Check out area videos, cabin photos and more local descriptions at RentMontanaCabins.com


View Cabins near Yellowstone Here to learn more about Yellowstone and places to stay near Yellowstone National Park.


This is the Best Lodge to Rediscover and Recoop

We know you enjoy #CabinTime just as much as we do! burnt

Words can’t always express the magnitude in which we feel very small compared to the large vast open sky and the roaming wildlife on Montana but that is why we often as humans just need a moment to breath, a minute to catch a breath and a week to wind down. At Burnt Out Lodge, no one knows that better than they do. This lodge sleeps over 20 people so when a week to dedicate to a group of women scrapbooking or quilting, a man’s fishing expedition, or a family reunion, it is the best place to be in.

Burnt Out Lodge is on a quiet and remote setting with majestic mountains as its backdrop. With plenty of parking for the whole group, this has enormous amounts of space for large groups. 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms make this spacially concievable for any type of event but it’s the commericial kitchen, large dining area, large recreation room and wrap around covered porch. Wedding parties especially love the themed rooms and hillside garden path for photos.


The owners Ruth and Blick Range know what comfort means and what the resort can truly mean to you as they were born and raised on ranches their whole lives. Part of vacation means not having to pack the whole house in a car or rv and make do with what you can pack. They have truly thought of things that make your stay easier such as a furnished kitchen for all of your large group needs, WIFI, Laundry room, linens, dvd player, pack and play for children, homemade quilts and more. Did we mention that they made it handicap accessible so everyone can enjoy this lovely ranch for whatever the occasion may be?


Don’t need such a large space? They are willing to rent out for smaller sized groups, just ask! You may contact the owners to ask any questions, check out more photos or videos of the area by clicking though to this link. 






The cooler side of Montana: 3 towns you had no idea you wanted to visit

Summer is winding down slowly. The crisp cool evening air is going to settle in soon over the vast landscape of Montana. Don’t let cooler temps and shorter days slow you down! Make the most out of fall! Here are some suggestions for your next fall getaway:

Bannack State Park


Bannack is a well preserved ghost town, a tribute to the gold mine rush. Over 50 buildings line the street with tours operating daily. Every July, they hold an annual reenactment of the previous life the town once saw. Capture the spectacular fall changing of the leaves, fall fishing and wildlife viewing. Over the vast land the Big Hole River is one of the most beautiful rivers to fly fish in. Dillon Vacation Retreat

Yellowstone River

yellowstone river

For a unique fall getaway, try Livingston, Montana. The backdrop of the movie A River Runs Through it, this stunning landscape is coupled by talented artists, chefs, and musicians. This creates a one of kid talented area. Enjoy life entertainment, museums, river recreation, fly fishing and more. Yellowstone River Vacation Rentals 

Glacier Country


Many festivals are hosted here such as the bluegrass festival, the Darby rodeo, Logger days and more. Enjoy a unique history of Glacier Country with museums and cultural attractions such as the Darby Trail of Discovery. This will eventually link all to all towns for bicyclists, runners and cross country skiers. Glacier Country Vacation Rentals

A Welcome to Our #Vacation Rental Owners in Montana

Here at RentMontanaCabins.com we have worked really hard to prove to vacation rental owners that the service that we provide is in the better interest for them, not us. We aren’t interested in stealing your hard earned dollars in booking commission fees. Instead, we promote EVERYTHING about you: Your cabin rental website (if you have one), your social media channels, and your brand. We get it – big booking websites have lost their focus. Have a look at what we can do for you:


On the left of the screen, the vacation rental search begins by selecting a specific town, or needs such as bedrooms, rates, pet friendly, etc. On the right side of the screen, vacationers can use the map and zoom in to compare Montana Cabin rentals. Both can be combined in the search too.


Users can also search for their cabin or lodge rental through the list of towns in Montana by scrolling down. This also gives them a chance to read about what there is to do in town, events, or major cities close by. On the right, there is a list of rentals that are in the area. Renters can see what the price range and how many it sleeps from the main screen. LISTINGS ALWAYS SHUFFLE, GIVING EVERYBODY A CHANCE TO BE AT THE TOP- FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST.


Once vacationers select a cabin, ranch or lodge for rent, they can read all about it on a details page. How many it sleeps, how many bedrooms, the fun things to do in the area, photos and videos all show what makes that cabin and area Unique. Users can inquire directly with you while we get out of the way so you can be in charge of all of your rental bookings.

Screenshot 6

Then, while users are filling out the inquiry form and reading all about it, they can watch videos about your property, testimonials, or popular attractions in the area.

Screenshot 7

In addition to having plenty of space to explain your cabin, there is also ample room to explain rates, discounts, holiday packages, taxes and cleaning fees. Furthermore, it is followed by reviews and more detailed information of your website, complete with links to your social media.

Could it get any easier to make this decision to list with us? We don’t think so. WE ARE NEW TO MONTANA, BUT NOT NEW TO PROMOTING VACATION RENTALS. View our other successful listing websites in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and New York. To list your Montana vacation rental(s), please click here: List your rental

Relax. Enjoy Your Search. You’re on Cabin Time.

RentMontanaCabins.com rolls out 6/3/15


Our journey to help promote Montana cabins, cottages, ranch lodges and homes has begun. On June 3, 2015 we launched our 5th state-specific, vacation rental website: RentMontanaCabins.com.

We are the JM Creative Group and we have rolled out websites for Wisconsin (2009), Minnesota (2013), Michigan (2013), New York (2014) and last week Montana. We are not associated with any other listing website. In fact, we are the opposite of those big booking websites. Helping rental owners/managers build THEIR online brand and clearing a path for renters to book direct is our foundation.

Rental owners/managers invest in their property website; they spend hours keeping vacationers engaged on social media; they might even have YouTube videos. So, why do those big listing websites hide that great information from renters? They need renters to stay on their website and click that “book it” button so they can grab your booking dollars! We link to all your brand-building efforts.

We read rental-industry blogs and LinkedIn community conversations daily. It’s crazy, either big booking websites are acquiring each other, or they are forcing “book it” buttons down the throat of their members. Their search engines have been reported to not work as promised for premier-paying members, plus they refuse to listen to renters –they prefer to book directly with rental owners and property managers 30 to 1.

Our honest and unselfish website service is a breath of fresh air for rental owners/managers that are looking to become less-reliant on big booking websites. We are a small group of internet marketers in Wisconsin whose passion for promoting the vacation rental industry stems from our founder Joe Mogensen who grew up at a lodge/cabin resort his family owned in northern Wisconsin.

This is a cabin at the Alta Ranch. Our first member! See what their listing looks like.

Rates start at $95/YEAR for one rental listing (see our rates page). The more rentals you list, the lower each listing is AND the higher your return. No booking commissions, no book it buttons, no platinum fees that don’t deliver on their promise, no double booking. YES, we initially set up your listing(s) for you for no extra fee (it’s how we roll).

Why put some much time and expense into creating separate sites? We learned from our Wisconsin website that building state-specific, vacation rental industry brands results in a better search experience for renters, and a high-return advertising opportunity for members. Search engines like Google and Bing are quick to reward industry-focused websites that have quality content. There is no better way to show search engines your seriousness then by creating unique websites for each state.

What phrases are Montana vacationers using to find your rentals? We’re glad to share some keyword studies, because that is what a marketing partner does. #1 Montana cabin rentals; #2. Montana cabins; #3. Cabin rentals in Montana; #4. Montana vacation rentals; #5. Montana ranch vacation. When you focus on a niche, amazing things happen.

Thanks for learning a little more about our new RentMontanaCabins.com website – and our JM Creative Group. If you are a rental owner in Montana, take a minute to look at our first member’s listings.  To diversify your online advertising, go to our signup page.


Joe and Team
JM Creative Group, LLC
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RentMontanaCabins.com website coming soon! Wait, who?

New to Montana, but not new to promoting vacation rentals. See how our “BOOK DIRECT” websites are helping rental owners/manager increase revenue in Wisconsin (since 2009); Minnesota (since 2013); Michigan (since 2013); and recently New York (2014). We’re just getting started.
No booking commissions. No $1299 premium rate -where you still end up being 157th on the page.
We provide renters with a clear path to rental owners/managers, because that is what a marketing partner is supposed to do. We’ve earned the reputation as a value super star because the return on investment we provide owners/managers cannot be matched. Listings start at $95/YEAR. Learn more on our “List your Rental(s)” page.
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